Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Our Taonga Inquiry

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about our families histories. By interviewing our parents we have been able to discover where we come from and in many cases why our families chose NZ to start their new lives. Here is just a few things we have learnt about ourselves and each other... 

"Michael's great - grandmother was born in 1916 and is 100 years old" Sahar

"Maarya's family left Fiji because of the coup. As the army had taken over the government" Hemish

"If Samarah's parents hadn't immigrated she would still be living in Fiji, but they came here because of the coup and to have a better life" Amelia

"Hemish's parents came to NZ to get away from the crime, pollution and corruption in India" Maarya

"Amelia's parents came for a better lifestyle and to enjoy and take part in a new culture" Samarah

"Sameera's parents were married in the Halsey Drive school hall" Gabrielle

"In Pakistan, if you were a certain type of muslim you would be in danger" Nuha

"Sebastian was a baby model whose picture was printed in a magazine" Ilsa

"The whole island of Niue has wifi" Brianna

"We are all first generation Kiwis, whose 
parents immigrated to NZ for better education, lifestyle, culture and safety. This means we have been able to live better lives and in the future we will benefit from higher education and opportunities we wouldn't have had before." Samarah, Chantelle, Hemish,     Maarya, Viraj, Amelia, Dev.


  1. Ka pai room 1!
    Good job on finding out information and facts about other people.

  2. Great job!
    I like the way you guys found out interesting facts about one another and there were some really good facts.Good job!