Friday, 19 May 2017

What's been happening in Inquiry?

First we studied images of different baby carriers. We looked at the purpose and function of a baby carrier and discussed how different carriers could be used for different aged children. We then identified the materials the carriers were made from and used this information to sequence the carriers into timelines. 
After that we created a compare and contrast map to show the changes in baby carriers from the older models to the newer ones. 
Finally we then created a diagram of all the parts of a baby carrier and then used this to create a Part Whole (Analysis) map. We identified what would happen if the parts were missing and therefore analysed what its main function is. We then combined our earlier comparison map and evaluated how each part of the baby carrier has been modified or improved over time. We generalised that Baby carriers were still a necessary and important piece of technology but its parts had been changed over time to better suit its function by making them easier to use and more durable.  

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