Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Maori Issue #7 Maori Land wars

Maori Issue #6 Occupation of Bastion Point

Maori Issues #5 Waitangi Tribunal

Maori Issue #4 Maori Battalion

Maori issues #3 The Establishment of the Maori Party

Maori Issues #2 Kingitanga movement

Maori Issues #1 1975 Hikoi to Parliament

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about significant events in NZ's history and the effect these have had on Maori. We started by learning about the struggle at Parihaka where the Maori showed peaceful resistance. As a class we brainstormed the many ways that people can show peaceful and passive resistance including petitions, taking an issue to parliament, protesting, boycotting, going on strike, holding a march and voting in elections/referendums. 

We then split off into groups to research other Maori issues that have seen the use of both violent and non-violent resistance. We then shared the information that we found with the class. 


This term we have been learning about Statistics.. here is a very interesting video to show how statistics can be used to illustrate a need or problem. 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


This week we have been looking at the language of statistical investigations. Working in small groups we came up with a question which required an investigation, we then carried out a survey and created a frequency table to show our results. Then we used equipment around the classroom to create a column graph of our findings. 

Kiwi sports Hockey

For the last four weeks we have been enjoying learning to play hockey! We have been learning all about hitting, striking, ball control and of course safety! Here's a few shots of Room 1 in action...