Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Once in a lifetime

WALT use descriptive language when retelling moments in a narrative. 

Up high in the sky the large wooden boat drifted slowly towards its destination. The old man, wearing a red bandana, looks out at the fading evening sky.  He wonders to himself about what he is doing up here and how will he ever find what he is looking for. Distracted by the darkening sky, he watches as the glowing pink clouds, which look like fluffy cotton candy, float across the reddening sky. All by himself, it was quiet and peaceful.

By Sahar and Amelia

The lonely old man stared down into the clouds where the rusty rudder from his airship had fallen seconds ago. He felt devastated and worried with  no idea what to do next.  As the broken rudder fell out of sight he was deep in thought about how he was going to get back home.  He had been trying to turn his ship around when disaster struck. Now he was stranded as his ship floated aimlessly in the darkening sky.

By Ranya and Nikita

Flying through the evening sky, everything seemed to be ordinary. Ahead in the distance, the turtles and I see something peculiar, a strange hovering blimp in the middle of the orange sky!? As we get closer we notice the huge wooden pirate ship hanging from the underside of the blimp. We all stare curiously as the we see an old man standing in the middle of it. Wondering how he mysteriously appeared, we glided closer to have a look.

By Ali Zain and Jeremiah.

Old timer Keen heard some very peculiar sounds coming from the orange clouds. The scruffy man wasn’t very sure about it, so he rushed to have a quick look in his telescope and as soon as he peeked through the scope he was shocked to see a colossal turtle  unknown to mankind drifting lazily towards his chocolate coloured ship. The Oversized beast was more  heavy than 10 elephant's stacked together. He ran as fast as he could  to get a rope…

By Dev, Torres and Johann.

Thrilled, my heart raced as the large emerald coloured flying turtle flew above me while I stared at the unusual but extraordinary sight. The shells of the amazing turtles gleamed in the shining sun. I felt like slapping myself to find out if I was dreaming but couldn’t get myself to do it. My eyes were fixed in a gaze. I could feel the stares of every passing turtle, probably wondering why an old man was in the air alone. There was still hope of finding precious land, if I quickly made a plan.

By Pearl, Tanishka, Nuha and Maarya

Snap! The sky-pirate stared in horror as the rope broke apart releasing the large turtle. Feeling disappointed, he watches the turtle follow the others as they fly away into the distance. The enormous turtle now looks like a microscopic pigeon as the final turtle glided away into the glowing sunset. A feeling of despair overcomes him as he realises his last chance has gone. He is worried he will be stuck in the clouds for the rest of his life. “What am I going to do?” he wonders to himself. His head droops as he considers how he will survive, when all of sudden he hears one last cry. Looking around he sees a baby turtle approaching, flying a long way behind the others.

By Viraj and Kishan

The old man stood helplessly on his floating sailing ship as the giant turtle slowly approaches. It flies low and close to the side of the ship. The little turtle cries out to his family up ahead. As the sky pirate looks at the turtles flying off into the dusky horizon he glances back at the smaller turtle. He realises this is his last chance. “I could be stuck here forever” he whispers to himself. With positives thoughts running through his head he steps up to the edge of the ship. He climbs up onto the wooden railing. Calculating the timing in his head, he aims for the large smooth green shell. Taking a enormous breath, he closes his eyes tightly shut and he makes the leap. As he falls through the sky he crosses his fingers….

By Sebastian and Krish

Hoping to land on the Turtle’s back, The scientist let out a sigh of relief when he landed safely onto the Turtle’s colourful back. The little turtle’s back, which was carved with weird patterns, was smooth. Whilst he glided through the evening sky, he thought about being free and being the first person to sight a  unknown myth. Only thing he dreamt about the reward he would get when he told everyone of his adventures. The old pirate’s mission was complete. Curious about where the turtles will take him, the colony of turtles was now out of sight and disappeared into the abyss...

By Samarah and Lujein

To watch the full narrative : Literacy Shed - Once in a lifetime

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