Friday, 29 September 2017

Art Term 3

This term we have been learning about Collage. Here are our final products. 

Friday, 15 September 2017

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl

The Kevin group have been exploring Roald Dahl's stories and have created descriptions of some of Roald Dahls colourful book characters. 
 By Pearl

 By Nikita

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl

Last week was Roald Dahl's birthday so the Anges group looked into Roald Dahl's birthplace and the country where he lived for most of his life. Here is what they found out. 
Wales and Norway - Summary/Statements

Population - Sameera
The population of Wales is 3.063 million which is under the average population, meaning that their country is quite small. The population of Norway is 5.233 million, this is also under the average population which could mean that Norway is small, just like Wales.

Food - Samarah
Whatever country you go to there is always traditional food. Norway and Wales both have stews or soups. Norway has a traditional dish called Lapskaus, it is a thick Norwegian stew of meat and potatoes, some people even add more vegetables and spices. The dish can be made in multiple ways. In Wales they have Cawl otherwise known as a soup, the main ingredients are Carrots, Potatoes, Swedes (Rutabaga) and Meat.

Location -  Ranya  
Wales is located near England and is part of Great Britain and the United Kingdom. Norway is part of the continent Europe and is located near Sweden. Wales is 20,761 km² and Norway is 385,203 km². The climate in Norway is really cold and is a good place to go skiing and Wales is more of a wet country because in the UK it is more wet and warm.

History - Nuha
All the countries have sacred history.  In Norway, the time from 800 to 1050 A.D was called the Viking Period.  There, Norway was not one united country, but separate little kingdoms.  On 7th July 1905 Norway’s union with Sweden dissolved and Norway was declared an independent country.  Wales went through a range of ages such as the ice age and the stone age.  Also in the 3rd century Christianity arrived in Wales.  Few of the Christians were Martyred by the Welsh.  However the persecution of Christian ceased very soon after.

Native wildlife - Chantelle
All countries that you can visit will have a form of native wildlife, these are normally animals, birds or plants that can only be found in that country. Some of the wildlife that are classified as native to Wales are the goshawks, grey seals and the Red kites whereas some of the native wildlife in Norway are the eurasian lynxes, elks and reindeer  

Languages- Sherlyn

Both these countries have languages that are special to them. In Wales the official languages are Welsh and English. 508,000 people speak welsh in Wales and 562,000 people speak English in Wales. In Norway the official languages are Norwegian, Nynorsk, BokmÃ¥l  and in the north of Norway they speak Saami. They also speak english but it’s not an official language.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Roald Dahl Writing

Created by Roald Dahl, the BFG is a wonderful character who collects dreams which he shares with children during the night. After reading about some of the Dreams the BFG has collected we wrote our own dreams and just like Quentin Blake we created illustrations to go with them. Here are some of our dreams...

My Dream

This frozen moment in time was when I is about to shoot a goal for the Silver Ferns. My defender waved her sweaty hands everywhere. The smell of  people’s doh nuts swept in the air. I is the first Indian Silver Fern and I couldn’t controll the excitement. Everything seemed to be going in slow moshin, the human beans were in silence wondering if I could score. Standing strongly the net winked at me. The coach had her eyes super glued to the cort. I winced as I let the ball glide into the eerie silence. Plop! Slipping out of the dry white net it bounces on the ground with a giantlicicous thump. A smile grows on my face as my dream that was called impossible by everyone,  was finally granted.

By Sameera

My Ringbeller Dream

This dream is about when I is winning the Women's Rugby World Cup. It is time for the prizegiving ceromoeny, the human beans all lined up getting their shiny gold medel. Next is my turn I is feeling shaky. Shvers went down my spindels, feeling very nervous, my knees were trembling, I is getting the gold medel. I is getting the most speshal award, am I right or left? I felt like I was on a Rollercoaster, Kiddles and Human Beans is cheering loudly for me as I receive the award. My team lifted up the trophy up into the air. I is feeling very proud that we won.

By Samarah

On My Whay to Hoggwharts

In this dream I is going to Hoggwharts, the school in Hairry Potter, the place where Potter learns his majic from. I is boarding the Hoggwarts Express after crossing the wall between platforms 9 and 10. The steam is pouring out of the train and lots of students are going inside. There are lots of mugle parents, like mine who are looking at the train. The train makes a booming noice. My mummy is crying. This is a phizz-whizzing day for myself. Many not human beans are helping kiddles. The mummys give a kissy to their kinddles, my daddy gives me a kissy. I say babye. Sweat pours down my spindle. I is speshal.

By Pearl

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

On my way to work

WALT Describe a moment in time
- Present tense 
- Describe what you think, see and feel
- First person - I, we, my, 
- Descriptive language - adjectives, verbs, similes,
- Range of sentence starters

On my way to work

“Come on, come on…” I mutter while I wait for the lights to change. I look up with boredness hoping that I would finally get to work in time. But instead of seeing the peaceful sky I am surprised to see a furry, tall creature. My bushy moustache wobbles while my knees knock together. It’s sharp red toenails hang off the edge of the new pavement while his hungry, enormous eyes stare at me. Bits of leaves and twigs stick to his stomach like a little child on their first day of school. “Why hello there” he says in a smug voice that makes my pearly white teeth chatter. As if it was a grumpy troll a thought storms through my brain. Will he hurt me?
By Sameera

Waiting on the crossing lights to change, I see a super colossal shadow heading towards me. As I was trying to hide, a car pulled up to the crossing lights and the driver had gasps. I did not even dare to look back. “Come on come on” I mutter as I wait for the lights to change. Oh oh. The super colossal monster stands right next to me. Bye bye world I think to myself as the monster which looks 50 times bigger than the hulk says in a low voice “Sup Greenhead.” That was my code name for NASA. How did he know? “Hello?? Are you deaf or what?” Shaking, I reply,  “Good morning whoever you are.”  “What you don't know my name?” Who could he be? I think to myself. “I’m Maximus, man.”  “Oh” I reply. The crossing lights changed. Both of us have a NASA suitcase.
By Viraj

Praying for the lights to change, I check my watch hoping I’ve still got time to reach work, before my hot headed boss would spit on me with anger.  Soon enough I feel the air becoming cold, and a dark shadow starts craning over me.  ‘What in the world is going on’ I start thinking.  Long hot pink nails come forward beside me.  Large feet are attached to the nails, and white furry legs go up a kilometre.  A NASA briefcase was in the grip in the ‘things’ hand.  I realize it is my friend from the NASA rocket launch.  “Good morning Jessica, I thought I’d never see you again,” I say.  With that we walk of to the other side of the road together.
By Nuha

As I stand on the pavement ready to cross the road I suddenly encounter enormous blue feet right next to me. “AHHH,” I screech. Slowly I stare up at his hair covered face. My eyes were about to pop out when I saw his face he had ears that were on his forehead, he had light blue eyes a tiny mouth and a long pointy nose like a witch.  The snow coloured fur on his body probably meant he was from a cold place. My eyes scan over the rest of his body. He was holding a briefcase and the large letters on the bag spelt NASA MONSTER RESEARCH. He had pink toenails and a black circle on his torso. The sun shone on his watch reflecting on me and blinding me for a second. Seconds later when the crossing opened, we walk over the gray road. “See ya,” he says in a low voice.
By Hemish

“Morning Sherlyn,” came the deep rumbling voice from beside me. I turn around to find myself near a huge, snow white monster. Hesitating I YELL “ Umm Good Morning Fred.” The traffic light seems to be taking forever. “Hurry up traffic light,”  I mutter to myself. Whenever I am near Fred I feel awkward everyone stares, babies cry, girls scream... It’s crazy. My lips are getting dry and I start sweating more than a kid after doing cross country. The traffic light finally turns green. “Took you long enough,” I whisper. I start jogging past Fred but he is to fast. After a while I find myself hiding in a rubbish bin in an alleyway. Could this be my life? I wonder. I decide that Fred is probably already gone to work so I get out of the bin and leave. But I am wrong he is there waiting for me to come out. There are these little boys crowded around him patting him like he was a dog. I can’t blame them his fur is really soft but he was not even close to being a dog he was a GIANT MONSTER!!! Parents start screaming and grabbing their kids away while giving me disgusted looks.. I feel so embarrassed but it isn’t my fault, it’s his. Bravely I say “Fred, I need to tell you something,” but he rudely interrupts me by saying ”Sherlyn, STOP distracting me I got to go to work!’
By Sherlyn