Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Roald Dahl Writing

Created by Roald Dahl, the BFG is a wonderful character who collects dreams which he shares with children during the night. After reading about some of the Dreams the BFG has collected we wrote our own dreams and just like Quentin Blake we created illustrations to go with them. Here are some of our dreams...

My Dream

This frozen moment in time was when I is about to shoot a goal for the Silver Ferns. My defender waved her sweaty hands everywhere. The smell of  people’s doh nuts swept in the air. I is the first Indian Silver Fern and I couldn’t controll the excitement. Everything seemed to be going in slow moshin, the human beans were in silence wondering if I could score. Standing strongly the net winked at me. The coach had her eyes super glued to the cort. I winced as I let the ball glide into the eerie silence. Plop! Slipping out of the dry white net it bounces on the ground with a giantlicicous thump. A smile grows on my face as my dream that was called impossible by everyone,  was finally granted.

By Sameera

My Ringbeller Dream

This dream is about when I is winning the Women's Rugby World Cup. It is time for the prizegiving ceromoeny, the human beans all lined up getting their shiny gold medel. Next is my turn I is feeling shaky. Shvers went down my spindels, feeling very nervous, my knees were trembling, I is getting the gold medel. I is getting the most speshal award, am I right or left? I felt like I was on a Rollercoaster, Kiddles and Human Beans is cheering loudly for me as I receive the award. My team lifted up the trophy up into the air. I is feeling very proud that we won.

By Samarah

On My Whay to Hoggwharts

In this dream I is going to Hoggwharts, the school in Hairry Potter, the place where Potter learns his majic from. I is boarding the Hoggwarts Express after crossing the wall between platforms 9 and 10. The steam is pouring out of the train and lots of students are going inside. There are lots of mugle parents, like mine who are looking at the train. The train makes a booming noice. My mummy is crying. This is a phizz-whizzing day for myself. Many not human beans are helping kiddles. The mummys give a kissy to their kinddles, my daddy gives me a kissy. I say babye. Sweat pours down my spindle. I is speshal.

By Pearl

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